foto tabela de medidas TESTE.jpg

1. NECK: Wrap the tape measure around the neck.

2. CHEST: Measure the chest by passing the tape measure under the armpits and across the most prominent part of the chest.

3. WAIST: The waist is the narrowest part of your torso. If in doubt, use a belt and measure the distance between the buckle and the third hole. If, for example, the belt measures 95 cm, the size you should choose is 95.

4. HIPS: Wrap the tape measure around the hips, passing it around the most protruding part of the buttocks, bringing the feet together.

5. HAND: Measure around the widest part of the hand, sticking out the thumb.

6. FOOT: Measure the foot from one end to the other. When in doubt, always choose the bigger size.