About us

The roots of our Group date back to January 1987, when Mário and Idalina Faria started the wholesale business of clothing and underwear. Later, in Entroncamento we opened the first store dedicated to the general public. Torres Novas and Lisbon were the new homes in the following years. We renewed our position in Torres Novas and Lisbon, as well as in wholesale where we are spread around our country in four different places. We opened two Home Textiles stores to take care of the interior of our homes as well.
Today we are 30 people working daily for our clients, we represent more than 90 brands, we develop our own Langiarte products, always guided by the needs of our clients, using the best and most advanced techniques, sustained by the best practices of preservation and respect for the environment.
Our mission is to satisfy daily the needs of all the people that use our products, in order to create the necessary empathy so we can prosper for many years, creating long and lasting friendships.